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30 Ways

Thirty Ways to Happier Days

Seventy-two pages of beautifully crafted, original messages with thirty equally creative and unique water color images focused on 30 ways that each of us can improve our outlook and live happier lives.  The book contains quotes, stories and examples of how and why each of us can make a difference.

Being in control when life delivers its all too frequent surprises and having practiced ways to retain control of your outlook can make a world of difference.  It is all about the choice – to live happy or to allow life to dictate your outlook.  You have choices.  Doing nothing to improve your perspective is a default decision without focus.

Behavior becomes automatic.  Do what you can to make it positive.  Negative energy is destructive, and it can poison your outlook.  You can change that – you can decide to do something about living a happier life and making a difference.  “Thirty Ways” can be the guide that keeps you on track and reminds you to make the right choices in life.  It has made a difference in our lives – we want it to make a difference in yours.  Visit our library and find additional topics that will entertain you and stimulate your creative side.

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