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As partners in Riskhappiness we have devoted a year to developing 30 Ways to Happier Days.  The process has also made us focus on the content and thoughts incorporated in our work, and the power contained in these simple actions.  The “30 Ways” messages and images are inspirational and remind the reader of how important outlook and conduct are to all of us.  We may have become better people from our work on this book, and we want it to raise awareness in causes and to bring these messages to everyone.

The comments and stories of respondents with whom we spoke were overwhelming in concert with how important it is to live happy and to give back.  By combining our resources and missions, we can make more of a difference – for others and for ourselves.

According to Charity Navigator and the Christian Science Monitor it is estimated that there are between one million and 1.4 million charities afloat in the sea of the American economy.  Not all of these are well organized, many do not qualify for 501 (c) (3) status, and not all of them are formed with the ultimate beneficiary in mind.  The good news is that there are a huge number that do good work and form a conduit to channel contributions to the place where they can do the most good.  Such a huge number of charities is indicative of the diversity of the needs.  There are so many causes, and resources are finite.

How often do you find yourself rolling down your window and reaching into your pocket?  Why do you do it on one occasion and not on another?  What is the psychology of giving?  In this case, it is hit or miss…it is not consistent.  Where can you do the most good, and where are the needs the greatest?  Making the biggest difference is enhanced by reaching the highest number of people.  With our work, we hope to bring the story to many and in turn to make a difference to those who both give and accept the assistance of others.

Our goal is to create a forum for philanthropy, a clearing house where a sponsor’s interests and the needs of causes can be joined.  We work for you, and our focus is on:

  • Eliminating homelessness
  • Helping to feed the hungry
  • Providing clean water
  • Working with children’s causes
  • Fighting illiteracy
  • Supporting Alzheimer’s research and ultimately finding a cure
  • Helping battered women
  • Helping other qualified  501 (c) (3) causes that need partners, identifiable resources and support.

Take a positive step toward living happy and pass it forward.  We can’t achieve our goals without you achieving yours.  Welcome to Riskhappiness and let’s take the risk out of it together.

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