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Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!

I’ll give you four choices.  Pick one, any one that suits you.  You only get one.  Which one would you select?  Have you thought about this before?  Has your perspective changed?  It is an interesting concept, but it is far deeper than that.  

Achieving each one of them requires effort regardless of your ability or gene pool; and each brings with it certain rewards.  These were presented alphabetically, but we will take a look at them in another order.  We can certainly do things that enhance each one of these thresholds for us.  The best policy is to do what you can toward each; but let’s get back to the postulate.

Did you opt for healthy?  Health is certainly a good choice.  We have all seen what ill health can do; how it can erode your life and cause suffering.  Who needs that!  Good health can set the stage for whatever comes along.  You can; however, be healthy and still be lonely.  All things considered though, good health would be a considered a great choice.  Good health and loneliness is better that ill health and loneliness.

How about wealth?  Anyone go for financial security?  I always enjoy the thought that if you could choose to be rich or poor; why would you not choose to be rich.  It is said that money cannot buy you love.  Is that true?  If it is, would you trade love for money?  This is, after all, about making choices.  Are you thinking about it?  Money could buy you most things in life, but there are limits.  When you explore those limitations, perhaps wealth may not be as important as one of the others.  The choice remains yours. 

Wisdom – How many takers for being smart?  Solomon, could that be you?  What would you do with all those smarts?  Maybe you could solve one of the world’s great problems; rule the nation; reform Wall Street; cure cancer or plug an oil leak in the Gulf.  Who could argue with wisdom and a choice that could make such a big difference?  If you selected being wise perhaps that wisdom would help you figure out what to do with it.  Perhaps it would put you so far removed from the rest of the herd that you would have nobody who could communicate with you.

We turn now to happy.  How many happiness seekers are there?  Happy seems like a good choice; but at first look it might appear that you left something on the table.  If you had true happiness, other things would be easier to accept.  It might not matter as much if you were healthy, wealthy or wise if you could always be happy. 

The condition we call life includes all the above and obviously much more.  Keeping that in perspective and maintaining the best outlook would tend to come more with being happy than with health, wealth or wisdom.  A compelling case could be made for selecting happiness. 

Whatever your choice I encourage you to do everything possible toward all four.  Keep a focus on happiness; it is the state that you can live in with less stress and with the freshest perspective.  And if you are not quite as successful with the others, it may just not matter as much.  If you are really happy, you may never feel alone.

What was my choice you may ask?  That is a good question.  As soon as I am granted the wish, I’ll let you know.  Don’t bet against happiness though.  And never give up the dream.

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