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Commitment to Living a Happier Lifestyle

Step One – Take the Pledge

[Print the Page -Write down your commitment to yourself to Live Happy]





Step Two – Do Something Positive Every Day & Make a Difference, However Small to Yourself or to Someone Else

Keep a journal; it will focus your thinking and reinforce your resolve.  There is power in writing down in your own hand the goals and thoughts that will guide you.  It will be a reminder of your commitment to being a happier person and to having more joy in your life.  Don’t expect to be perfect at it; you won’t be.  Accept that you will have moments or days when you stray from your quest.  It is a human characteristic that you will occasionally stumble.  What is important is that you recognize and accept this and reaffirm your commitment to live happy.  Pick up where you left off and continue the journey knowing that you will be the biggest beneficiary of your outlook and attitude.  Others will see it, you will experience it, and it will inspire.  Share your successes and the not so successful events with your loved ones and friends.  Let them know your objectives.  They will recognize your resolve when they see it in practice, and they will react to you.  You just may inspire them to join you in living a happier lifestyle.  All journeys start with the first step…they continue with each step taken thereafter.  The directions your outlook and attitude take are choices you make.  You can make them affirmatively or by default.  Choose to make the affirmative and you will master your happiness quotient.  Understand this about happiness – it is one emotion of many, and you will experience them all.  The lens through which you look at the world colors you perception.  Don’t pick a lens that mutes out the color – pick one that sharpens it.

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