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making a difference with literature and art

Promote your Products with Literature and Art

We write and publish books for distribution as ebooks or in large quantities for corporate clients and charitable causes.  Our themes are positive, cover a range of popular topics and focus on being happy and living the momentum of life.    They are generally suitable for all audiences.  We use original content and unique visual art to create publications of high quality.   These books are written with our dual mission in mind – to provide clients with a high value proposition for their investment and causes with valuable resources to raise attention in and funding for 501 (c) (3) organizations.  Our print books are attention getting and designed to be displayed in captive settings where they can attract the reader.

Books are prized and shared; they are not discarded.  We honor this principle and create an experience that provides the reader with moments of inspiration and entertainment.  Our featured publication is 30 Ways to Happier Days.  Below is our growing library of themes and topics.

30 Ways to Happier Days

This book reminds us all about the most important things in life and serves as a guide to living a happier lifestyle.  Thirty original suggestions, verses and a few new quotes.

Working Titles for Other Books

Recipes for Life

A cookbook with original recipes, anecdotes and stories and a little light philosophy.

Living in the Moment

An entertaining book about why and how to live in the moment and the momentum of life.

What Every Kid Should Know About Adults

A book that reminds adults of what it is like to be a child and reminds us all about the child that resides within each of us.

Life Lessons

A book that presents the things we should have learned by ages 10, 21, 40 and the lessons that may come along later.

Golf – Take a Swing at the New World Sport

Golf is a game that challenges the physical, emotional and intellectual capacity of the player.  Golf is based on and requires integrity and self management.  We think it is a game that has growing worldwide attention and deserves some of ours.

William Shakespeare – An American Icon – Poet, Playwright, Philosopher

His words, wisdom and wit permeate our lexicon.  We quote Shakespeare daily and often without recognizing that he is the source.  This is a fun book with Shakespearean philosophy and a bit of our own.  Yogi Berra and other “American Icons” also contribute a bit of their wisdom and wit.

Conversations & Historical Dialogues – What Would Mozart have said to Elton John?

A book that envisions unlikely dialogues and interviews that take place between popular and historically significant figures – some living and some deceased.

We also create custom publications or provide content writing that is tailored to your needs.  Once we understand your requirements and objectives, we will work with you to achieve your desired results.  Literature and art are inexorably intertwined with life.  Our objective is to unite art and life in a way that gives the reader thought provoking content and our clients with attention getting, cost effective and unique ways to deliver your message and to make a difference.  Let us know how we may assist you.

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